Stormwater Infrastructure Bicycle Tour

Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District's is hosting a bicycle tour of stormwater infrastructure as part of the Cuyahoga 50 celebration.

To quote from the Cuyahoga 50 event page

"Water. It sustains us, nourishes us, and drives our economy. By the time of the 1969 Cuyahoga River fire, there was no visible life in the water. Fifty years later the river is alive again, but clean water faces more threats than ever. Take part in the largest series of clean water events in the country, June 19th through the 23rd. There’s something for everyone, with 25 events over 5 days."

Our bike tour will leave our office at 3311 Perkins Ave in Midtown and head east toward University Circle.The route will cover approximately 10 miles on city streets with very minor elevation changes.

Stops include:

  • pervious pavers
  • green roof
  • underground infiltration systems
  • stream relocation/restoration
  • soil remediation
  • bio-retention
  • extended detention
  • large scale gray infrastructure
  • emergening technology in stormwater management

Click here to register on our website. Dress appropriately for the weather and bring a water bottle.

For more information please contact Brent Eysenbach at 216-524-6580 x1011 or beysenbach@cuyahogaswcd.org

Blog author, Brent Eysenbach, Stormwater Program Manager

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