Friends of Euclid Creek June Email

Hello Friends of Euclid Creek Members and Friends,

By now you have received Ken's notice of the election results and his good-bye to all of you. He gave 12 years of great volunteer work to FOEC and we owe him, Chris Vild who volunteered for 8 years, Anna Kozlenko, and Madelon Watts a big THANK YOU for their service! (Let me know If you want their contact info). You also know I am FOEC's new president. I can only promise to do the best I can and support Friends of Euclid Creek with all my heart.

Even without events we are still busy. Here's the latest:

- The marketing committee is thinking about having me do a podcast about FOEC and the watershed. Jim Juknialis will then send it off to radio stations. Hmmm then a video to TV? It's a new world of marketing for me! I still want to send out press releases to the newspapers. We have had two board meetings via Zoom. Maybe we can get some of you in a Zoom meeting to have an event or just talk. Could you reply back to me and let me know if you would consider Zooming on your computer or even watching an event on Facebook Live? We have to go virtual at some point and want you all to come with us!

- The education committee led by our new Vice President, Steve McIntosh, is looking at our Save the Date calendar to see what we can video or facebook. If we do videos we will attach a link in our emails so you can see it that way.

- The membership committee chair, Natalie Keyerleber, is updating our Member-Friends list. We have more than 200 contacts on it. Please let us know if you don't want to receive our information.

- The conservation committee is now led by Brian Gilbert. Volunteers are pulling invasives, cleaning up the Dusty Goldenrod Preserve and working to protect it from trespassers. If you are interested in occasionally helping with invasives and other tasks in the preserve please call Brian at (216) 533-9935. He will put you on his volunteer notification list.

- Do you remember 4 years ago celebrating Friends of Euclid Creek 15 anniversary in Wildwood Reservation? It'll be a big deal next year in June when we celebrate our 20th anniversary!

- Native Plant Sale - deadline July 17 https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/events/2020/07/17/native-plant-kit-sale

- Tree flares need to be free! If you see any trees mounded with mulch in the watershed report it here: https://www.cuyahogaswcd.org/programs/let-the-flare-see-the-air

- Great habitat information from the National Wildlife Fund sign up for her email http://backyardhabitat.info/

- Environmental Tip: When buying something in plastic stop and consider - can you find the same thing in less plastic? Do you or your kids really need something that is over-packaged?

One last word: We can all get tangled up in the details of work and family and dodging viruses - it's tough times now. But please stop and reflect on what we are all working for through Friends of Euclid Creek and other environmental organizations in the watersheds. If we lose our water, our insects, our animals, our plants, we lose everything. We have many battles to fight - plastics, climate change and on and on. We can't fix it all, but we can fix our own little patch of the world. Let's get our homes and yards environmentally sustainable, then go out into the street and pick up litter, clean the storm drain. Join others doing the same thing. You can go out as near or far as you want. We can't fix the world. We can't fix the watershed. But if all those cleaned up patches hook together - oh, what a difference we will make.

Thanks to all of you,

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek President

Cleveland Metroparks Certified Watershed Steward

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