Crappiest Dog Contest wrap up

Why the heck would we ever have a contest about dogs pooping?

Well, because I've been in education for over 25 years and I know you have to mix it up a bit to get a message across. And besides, I'm gross sometimes.

Also, I don't own a dog and I giggle every time I see a dog in that crouchy position with their human placing a plastic poop bag around their hand waiting for the dog to finish. I go home and hug my cats.

But I do love dogs. And I have a lot of niece and nephew dogs that belong to my friends and family. I cuddle them, call them good boys and girls, give them treats, and again, go home and hug my cats and we all sleep in because no one is making me go outside at 5am to watch them poop.

But for real, dog waste is a stormwater pollutant. Not only is it all sorts of nasty when you leave it for others to step in or MOW! OVER! (have you even done that? I have. And I am not happy about it). It is also a source of a crap ton of bacteria (pun intended). Ecoli being one of the super fun ones!

So when it rains or snow melts, those yummy bacteria get washed into our storm drains and out to our waterways untreated. Don't we have enough going on this year?

We appreciate everyone who participated in this bizarre contest and all of you who took the Doo Your Doody - Pick up Poopy pledge. That will be up for the long haul.

The contest ended last Friday and photos are up today on our Facebook site for you to peruse and vote on.

We had 31 people enter their dogs but got 20 pics. I giggled at each one of them as they were sent to me. Hey, it's a pandemic, I'm getting my laughs where I can.

Keep picking up that doggy doo and celebrate your very good boys and girls.

Blog author: Amy Roskilly, Conservation Education & Communations Manager

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