Friends of Euclid Creek November Update

Hello, Dear Friends of Euclid Creek,

Our projects are all coming to completion and we are considering what we will be doing next year. Here is what has been happening:


- Our mass mailing (1720) to those living close to Euclid Creek (and to you if we have your address on file) was mailed on Wednesday. I can send you one if you did not receive it. Let me know.

- Jim Juknialis, Chair and Natalie Keyerleber are in the final stages of the new Friends of Euclid Creek podcast. You should receive it for comments soon.

Education & Website

- You should expect to receive our website in early December to review and comment if interested. It is back from the consultant and Steve is finalizing. We will roll it out to the public in January.

- A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Rodney Dawson of Great Lakes Tech Solutions, LLC, www.ClevelandWebSEO.com. Call them if you need help with your website.

- Our Tree Talk Walk with Chris Vild on 10/17 was wonderful (see pictures attached). Chris taught us why trees are important and how to identify many of them. Who knew that we have Paw-Paw trees in the Euclid Creek reservation! A special friend came with us, Roy Larick who talked about the geology of the Euclid Creek Reservation. Here is Roy's article in the Euclid Observer. https://www.theeuclidobserver.com/articles/the-euclid-creek-gorge-forest-with-chris-vild/

- Steve McIntosh, Chair, is gathering program ideas for next year. The committee will do a Save the Date calendar, but only for the first few months which would likely be virtual programs and limited hikes as we just don't know about future constraints on meetings. Another calendar will come out later in the year.


- NEWS! MEMBERSHIP DUES NEXT YEAR STARTING IN DECEMBER WILL BE $25 FOR AN INDIVIDUAL OR A FAMILY! December dues payments will be counted for the following year.

- Next year, Natalie Keyerleber, Chair, and Jim Juknialis will be sending a post card to the watershed mail list promoting our drawing for a free rain barrel to two new members.


- Brian Gilbert found a "Goldie" way away from the main dusty goldenrod patch. Great excitement as it looks like they are spreading!

- The Euclid Creek Watershed Program and FOEC volunteers will be planting live plant stakes to enhance the headwater streams in the Dusty Goldenrod Preserve sometime between November 10th-13th. If you are interested in assisting please email Elizabeth at ehiser@cuyahogaswcd.org.

Native Plant Garden

- In the spring, Garden Leader, Deb Kramarz is looking for one more person to weed. It is only once a month as we have three others in the Garden Care Crew. Then the garden will be taken care of on a weekly basis. It is an easy way to make a small contribution to this important garden and to learn all about native plants.


- I presented all about FOEC to the Lyndhurst Garden Club members via Zoom on 11/5. It worked out well.

- The Mobil Gas Station on E. 185 in Cleveland was caught dumping diesel fuel into Euclid Creek. Alert residents reported the gas smell to the Fire Department. EPA put up a containment barrier at the mouth of creek in Wildwood Park to keep the fuel out of the lake. Members Carol Poh and Jim Juknialis have been on this from the beginning getting information, contact names, and passing the word. See the Illegal Dumping Brochure below in environmental news. If you are interested in more information, let me know.

- Volunteer Sister Eileen Quinlan has been helping me with editing and small research projects. She is already on our Conservation Committee. What a blessing she is to FOEC!


- We have been awarded a Dominion Energy/Western Reserve Land Conservancy mini-grant. The funds will used to buy an Enviroscape watershed demonstration table and to pay for the postcard mailing about the rain barrel drawing. Those rain barrels were donated by Ginny Aveni, board member and Frank Skala, former board president.

- Euclid Creek Watershed Program, Friends of Euclid Creek, and Chagrin River Watershed Partners have again partnered to apply for the 2021 Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Grant. The amount FOEC receives is to be used for mailing, printing, promotion materials, website costs, etc. This year's NEORSD grant was used for printing, promo materials, the big watershed mailing, and the website consultant.

Environment News

- Illegal Dumping Brochure https://cuyahogaswcd.org/files/resources/brochure2016illegaldumpinglr.pdf

- Euclid Creek Watershed Program online presentations https://www.euclidcreekwatershed.org/euclid-creek/programs/euclid-creek-online-presentations

- Euclid Creek Watershed Program October news https://mailchi.mp/cf3d9c7d5106/volunteeringoctober20202

- November Nature Scoop https://mailchi.mp/cb65db811024/nature-scoop-november-2020

If you have a smart phone, like to walk around and take pictures, and hate litter join the Euclid Creek Watershed Program Litterati Campaign this November: https://www.litterati.org/ Contact ehiser@cuyahogaswcd.org.

Simple Actions Tips

- Save leftover napkins when dining out to use at home instead of paper towels (the restaurant will just throw them away).

- The scrap metal company will take your aluminum pie pans and even clean foil.

- Use those plastic food containers from the store or eating out for home cooking leftovers instead of using plastic bags.

We are approaching the end of the year and we are all distracted by many things. But keep up doing what you can to make our world healthier for all of us.

Best to all of you,

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek, President

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