Friends of Euclid Creek December Update

Hello to all our new and old Friends of Euclid Creek,

Whew! What a year! FOEC is winding down our year and will take off meeting until January. I hope you liked our new website! Did you receive the envelope with the notepad? Let us know what you have been doing, send pictures or comments.

What about those awesome Conservation Committee volunteers who cut down pine trees and maples in the Dusty, a three day project. Great job by Neil Barrett, Bill Hughes, Brian Gilbert, Howard Schemmel, and Paul Costanzo. (See Neil and Paul pic attached. Paul has the chain saw.) Thank you to Brian Belfiore and the Highland Heights Service department for chipping the 20 Austrian pine trees.

The planned November Conservation Committee and Cuyahoga Soil stem planting in the Dusty was split into two events due to a Covid contact. FOEC Conservation members Neil, Esther, and Deb worked with SWCD staff, and Girl Scout Troop 70763 - Solon to plant over 300 live stakes. Just as the next event was planned the county advised for stay at home, so no volunteers could come, but the staff of Cuyahoga Soil & Water came to the rescue and planted the rest of the 600 live plant stems!. Thank you to Meg, Colleen, Nikole and Elizabeth!

Thank you FOEC Native Plant Garden Care Team, Deb Kramarz, Garden Leader, Ellen Howard and Dolores Pinchot. (My picture in the garden attached.)

Thank you to the fantastic FOEC BOARD MEMBERS:

- Steve McIntosh, Vice President for his design and work on the Website. And our web consultant Rodney Dawson of Great Lakes Tech Solutions.

- Jim Juknialis, Marketing Chair, for his guidance on the mass mail project, our new podcast, and his willingness to give the board his extensive business advice.

- Esther Trepal - for her outstanding leadership of the Conservation Committee and properties.

- Natalie Keyerleber - for updating the membership database, writing and recording the podcast, and organizing our new storage unit.

- Sue Swisher - for staying on for another term to record our minutes and take on her new task of setting up an "Important Board Documents" archive for future board members.

- Ginny Aveni - for her ongoing commitment to the Friends of Euclid Creek which she founded, her advice and counsel to the board and president.

- Paul Costanzo - for staying on for another term to help with the Conservation Committee.

More thank yous!

- Volunteers & Friends - Pat Rodgers and Sister Eileen, for helping with editing and research. Carolyn Sugiuchi who calls to update members who have no email. Patrick Henry for writing the introduction for our website. Jeanette Evans, volunteer chair of the Scholarship Committee, for organizing the search for scholarship applicants.

- Special thanks to Ken Messinger-Rapport (previous president) always available to help me with questions and problems and advice.

- Elizabeth Hiser who has always taken the time to answer questions and provide extra help with projects.

A special thank you to everyone that stayed in touch, reported problems, made a donation, and paid their dues. Thank all of you for staying environmental!

Environmental News

- Excellent documentary on what big energy companies are doing to defeat wind power https://www.pbs.org/independentlens/films/jonathan-scotts-power-trip/

- November Euclid Creek Watershed Program November 2020 Euclid Creek Updates (mailchi.mp)

- November Nature Scoop https://mailchi.mp/2e1cc8d6aaf5/nature-scoop-december-2020

Why we are doing all of this

We are all connected - people, water, air, creatures. This connection is a delicate balance from the tiniest insect to all human beings. What harms one, eventually harms all. Humans have the greatest impact on this balance. By forgetting our connection to nature, we jeopardize that balance. If we poison the water and air, destroy animal habitat and entire species, we destroy ourselves. Let us all take simple actions to help keep this critical balance. Educate family, friends, and neighbors so they don’t unknowingly cause harm. If we all work together, we will make a better world through a healthy environment.

I hope your year was good in spite of everything and that your holidays are happy and safe. I am dreaming of a wonderful FOEC Holiday Party next year!

Kelly Butauski

Friends of Euclid Creek, President

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