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Illegal Dumping. See Something? Say Something!

Posted on 11/24/20 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

As Cuyahoga County residents, you are the eyes for our local waterways and Lake Erie. On October 14th an illegal discharge from the Mobil station on 185th into Euclid Creek was identified. What went right? The observer notified local authorities and the fire station and HAZMAT team were able to quickly identify the discharge and alert Ohio EPA. All... read more

You Are Not Going Crazy; The Sky Does Change Color.

Posted on 11/17/20 by Jakob in Educational Outreach

A Particularly Blue Sky in October

As I was sitting looking out the window one mid-October day, I noticed that the sky seemed to be exceptionally blue. My roommate walked by, and as if he could tell what I was thinking, asked, “Does the sky look bluer to you than normal in the fall?”. This struck me because in my mind I had always... read more

Article Review "From Gray to Green to Smart" by David Batts

Posted on 11/10/20 by Brent in Storm Water Services

An article in the October 2020 edition of Stormwater magazine titled "From Gray to Green to Smart" stood out for its succinct review of the state of stormwater management to date and its primer on an exciting new prospect for future management. The beginning of the article recounts how stormwater management has remained relatively unchanged for 6,000 years. Stormwater,... read more

FALL UPDATE: Porch Pollinator Habitat: A Native Plant Experiment

Posted on 11/03/20 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Porch Pollinator Habitat on 11/3/2020. Photo Credit: Kelly Parker

We have now entered the time of harvest, when the leaves change, the air becomes crisp, and the wonderful smells of autumn fill the air. This is also the time when critters begin stockpiling food and many plants begin to go into their dormant state, preparing to hunker down for the winter months ahead. It has been about... read more

Friends of Euclid Creek November Update

Posted on 11/01/20 by Elizabeth in Friends of Euclid Creek

Hello, Dear Friends of Euclid Creek, Our projects are all coming to completion and we are considering what we will be doing next year. Here is what has been happening: Marketing - Our mass mailing (1720) to those living close to Euclid Creek (and to you if we have your address on file) was mailed on Wednesday. I can send you... read more


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