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Calling All Master Rain Gardeners

Posted on 12/10/19 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach


This summer Cuyahoga SWCD hosted its first Master Rain Gardener workshop. This in depth 5-session course is based on the successful program from Washtenaw County, Michigan. Rain gardens capture and soak in rainwater. They slow down runoff and filter pollutants. This helps protect our local streams and lakes. The Master Rain Gardener course aims to build a community of rain... read more

Going N.U.T.S. for Trees!

Posted on 12/03/19 by Jared in Educational Outreach


Perhaps you have seen stories in the news recently about Cuyahoga County’s efforts to begin to restore its declining tree canopy – which now sits at 37% and falling. Through participation in Cuyahoga SWCD’s Native Urban Tree Starters (N.U.T.S.) program, students throughout Cuyahoga County will have the opportunity to contribute to these important efforts. The N.U.T.S. program aims to... read more

What We Can't See Can Hurt Us

Posted on 11/27/19 by Kelly in Storm Water Services

Rainwater samples collected across Colorado and analyzed under a microscope contained a rainbow of plastic fibers. Photo Credit: USGS

No, it's not microorganisms, viruses, or bacteria. It's microplastic. Plastic on the ground and in our waterways has been a topic for some time, but recent studies have discovered that plastic is also falling from the sky. This is scary and it makes sense when you think about it. So let's do that and take a walk through the... read more

Bee Pollinator Friendly

Posted on 11/19/19 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

NACD Stewardship Theme

Now’s the time to begin planning for the return and emergence of pollinators in the spring! Many of these critical animals have migrated to warmer climates or found a warm cozy spot to settle in for the winter. Many pollinators are insects but mammals (like bats) and birds are also important pollinators. Cuyahoga SWCD works with individuals, communities and... read more

Taking Steps in Your Yard to Help Lake Erie

Posted on 11/12/19 by Elizabeth in Educational Outreach

Euclid Creek Watershed Champions with their Yard Signs

Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District, in partnership with our local watershed groups and communities, has initiated a Watershed Champion Program to encourage residents to adopt watershed friendly habits in their own yards. A watershed is an area of land that drains rain and snow to a common body of water such as a stream, river, or lake. Our... read more