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Phacelia: A Cool Weather Germinating Cover Crop

Posted on 02/20/18 by Justin in Urban Agriculture

Field of Phacelia, picture courtesy of www.phpetersen.com

Over the winter, I’ve spent some time researching cover crops for upcoming projects in 2018. At the most basic level, a cover crop is crop that is grown not for cash, but for some kind of soil benefit. The most frequently cited use for cover crops and the one most people are familiar with is to... read more

Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance Tips

Posted on 02/13/18 by Elizabeth in Storm Water Services

Ohio EPA requires urban communities with separated storm sewer systems (MS4s) to develop, implement, and enforce programs to address flood control and water quality impacts from development projects. Commonly, stormwater runoff is addressed with installation of structural stormwater control measures (basins, green infrastructure, underground pipes etc.) which slow down water and filter pollutants. Installed stormwater control measures (SCMs) need... read more

Finding Alternatives to Rock Salt for De-icing around the Home: The Chloride-based De-icer Blues

Posted on 02/06/18 by Jared in Educational Outreach

This blog post started out as an attempt to list more environmentally-friendly de-icing products. Since Cuyahoga SWCD started making a serious effort to point out the dangerous impacts of rock salt and other chloride-based de-icers on water quality and aquatic life, we've been getting a lot of questions about what environmentally-friendly alternatives are available. Up until now, our... read more

Precious Waters, or not

Posted on 01/30/18 by Janine in Educational Outreach

Backyard flooding (photo courtesy Warren SWCD)

Thankfully we have an abundant water supply in Cleveland. But as precious as water is, too much water is not a good thing, especially at this time of year when the ground is saturated, and the water must go somewhere where it is usually not wanted. Once Spring breezes in, the SWCD office phones will be ringing with calls... read more

On the Road to Clean Water

Posted on 01/23/18 by Amy in Educational Outreach

One teaspoon of salt permanently damages 5 gallons of water!!

Cuyahoga SWCD works with 50 communities in Cuyahoga County to keep them in compliance under their EPA stormwater permit. We provide a comprehensive education and involvement program to bring awareness to stormwater pollution and simple actions for resident to part of the solution. Each year, we have a theme for our outreach – this year is On the Road... read more