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The Rocky River Liquid Pool Liner Dumping Incident of 2019 - A Startling Reminder

Posted on 09/04/19 by Jared in Rocky River Watershed

Photo by 41° North Kayak Adventures via Facebook.

If you live in the Greater Cleveland area, are mildly active on social media, and have even a slight interest in nature or the outdoors, you probably have already seen the jolting image of what looks like bright blue paint cascading down a shale cliff and into the Rocky River. If you haven't seen this story, click here.... read more

Willoughby Hills Stream Restoration Project Complete!

Posted on 08/26/19 by Elizabeth in Euclid Creek Watershed

BEFORE: Undersized Culvert

Construction is now complete at our Willoughby Hills Stream Restoration Project on the East Branch of Euclid Creek! The restoration effort provided a unique opportunity to engage with the School of Innovation students and teachers. They were involved with everything from design to planning for long-term management of the site. Join us for a tour of the project... read more

Wild About Wetlands- Part 2: Floating Wetlands

Posted on 08/20/19 by in Cahoon and Porter Creeks Watershed

Volunteers, Breoni Turner and Bob Schanz of Schanz Native Plants, preparing aquatic plants for the mat.

It’s me again-the girl who loves wetlands! My last blog, Wild About Wetlands, introduced readers to the importance and beauty of wetland ecosystems. Now I am here to inform you about another type of wetland that I have been experimenting with this summer- Floating Wetlands. As explained in my previous blog, we all know that wetlands are important for... read more

Operation Soil Education

Posted on 08/13/19 by Jacki in Educational Outreach

Kindergarten Coloring Book

Cuyahoga SWCD is partnering with Erie Basin RC&D and the Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau to bring free educational resources to Cuyahoga County students! Operation Soil Education will help teachers meet the Earth Science standards for soils. School districts should order their free copies today! Kindergarten students can get free copies of the S. K. Worm coloring books. Third... read more

Living In Harmony with Wildlife - The Misunderstood Virginia Opossum

Posted on 08/06/19 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Photo Credit: Stan Tekiela

The Virginia opossum is an often feared and misunderstood creature due to its strange appearance resembling a cuter version of a "Rodent of Unusual Size (R.O.U.S.)" with their naked tails and ears, sharp claws, and mouths full of pointy teeth. Although they may look the part they are not a rodent at all. They are actually a marsupial,... read more