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Plants! Get Your Native Plants Here!

Posted on 05/01/18 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Me and Chester with my new native plant babies at the 2017 North Chagrin Nature Center Native Plant Sale.  Photo Credit: Kelly Parker

Spring is finally upon us! Well...maybe...it is northeast Ohio after all; it could snow tomorrow for all we know. But regardless of what tricks Mother Nature as up her sleeve, it's native plant sale time! Why is this a big deal you ask? Because native plants play amazing roles in our ecosystem, that's why! They were here first. Before... read more

Backyard Math

Posted on 04/24/18 by Justin in Urban Agriculture

Visual representation of bamboo scenario.

Here at Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District, I field questions all the time about fertilizer application rates. So in this month’s spring season blog, I will be reviewing and calculating some real life scenarios that have come my way. A quick primer on fertilizer math is necessary to begin. Fertilizers are typically sold with a three number code... read more

Spring Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance Tips

Posted on 04/17/18 by Elizabeth in Storm Water Services

Detention (dry) basin in Solon.

It may not feel like it today, but it is indeed spring in Ohio. Spring is a great time to freshen up our yards and do needed maintenance. The same goes for stormwater control measures like rain gardens, permeable pavement, green roofs, and basins. Our Stormwater Control Measure Maintenance Tips outreach campaign continues this month to deliver useful information... read more

OMG, nature is so cool and freaky!

Posted on 03/28/18 by Amy in Educational Outreach

Spotted salamander

I know we've done blog posts before on salamanders but I just had to share my photos from last night. The conditions were perfect for the migration of salamanders and frogs. It has to be above 40 degrees, raining and after dark. I went to Brecksville reservation (right off Valley Parkway by Deer Lick Cave). They have the road... read more

Intern Spotlight - Welcome Joe King!

Posted on 03/26/18 by Amy in Educational Outreach

Planting trees at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

I've always loved being outdoors, even in the womb my mom tells me… It has always been my mission in life to show others the beauty and simple bliss of enjoying the natural world. Four years ago I fell in love with plants, and never looked back. They are beautifully diverse organisms that you can study, admire, and find... read more