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Euclid Creek News - March 2015

Posted on 03/26/15 by in Euclid Creek Watershed

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Composting: A rind is a terrible thing to waste

Posted on 03/25/15 by in Educational Outreach

Any vegetable garden or flower bed can be nourished with compost. A compost bin or even a simple compost pile is an excellent way to recycle nutrients and reduce the amount of waste entering into the solid waste system. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans produced about 250 million tons of trash during 2006, the year... read more

Springtime Means Salamander Time

Posted on 03/16/15 by Kelly in Educational Outreach

Many people associate crocuses and daffodils with the first signs of spring, but they are not the only life emerging from the thawing soil. After a few warm rains and temperatures over 40 degrees, water begins to accumulate in depressions forming seasonal (vernal) pools in the woods. These vernal pools are very important for our ecosystem because they... read more

Spring Stabilization

Posted on 03/10/15 by Brent in Storm Water Services

Taken in late November.  A good example of well established grass.

Spring is upon us; and disturbed soil that was not stabilized (seeded) prior to the onset of winter is beginning to peek through the melting snow. Stabilization of disturbed soils with vegetative applications is an important tool for minimizing soil loss due to erosion; which is ultimately better for the quality of our waterways. Both the Ohio Department of... read more

Go Native This Spring

Posted on 03/03/15 by Jared in Educational Outreach

Converting a portion of your lawn to a native flower garden is a beautiful way to reduce runoff.

Spring is just around the corner – I promise! – which means it’s time to start our yard and garden planning. Did you know that by choosing plants native to northeast Ohio for our landscapes, we can reduce erosion, filter pollutants, create much-needed habitat for wildlife – especially pollinators like butterflies and native bees, all while watering and... read more


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