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Improper Drainage: A Homeowner's Nightmare

The purpose of this report is to provide homewners insight on problems associated with improper drainage.

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Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan, 2007

The Lower Euclid Creek Plan looks at opportunities to enhance Euclid Creek in Cleveland and Euclid, the most densely populated cities of the watershed. The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District worked with a Community Advisory Committee and URS Consulting Team to look at opportunities to enhance Euclid Creek in this area, and were impressed with the hidden assets and potential we found for the creek. Restoration of coastal wetlands, fish passage, land conservation, storm water management, and potential greenspace linkages from the Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation to Lake Erie are some of the recommendations of the Lower Euclid Creek Greenway Plan. The Plan identifies specific projects that will enhance Euclid Creek and bring the Creek back into the community as an amenity. The project was funded in part by ODNR’s Coastal Management Grant Program.

City of Cleveland's webpage on project here

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Making it Better for Mother Earth - Tips for Taking Better Care of the Planet

This brochure of tips was put together by the FOEC Education Committee in 2017 - a huge thanks goes out to Kelly Butauski for the content and Patrick Henry for the design.

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Mapping Resources

Historical aerial photographs for the years 1951, 1959, 1977 and 1988 have been scanned and are accessible through the Cleveland Public Library. Aerial Photos of Cuyahoga County are online for the years 1978, 1991, 1994 will not be available on line, but can be viewed at the Main Library in downtown Cleveland. Cuyahoga County Engineers also have aerial photographs for 1949, 1993, 1999, 2002, 2006. They can be reached at 216-348-3800

Click here for aerial photos of Cuyahoga County

Scroll down towards the bottom of this page to "Websites" and the aerials are towards the bottom. The 1979s will be added at a later date.

For more information:
Thomas Edwards, GISP
Map Librarian
Cleveland Public Library
Map Collection
325 Superior Avenue
Cleveland OH 44114
(216)623-2880 (telephone)

http://cpl.org/Research/PopularTopics/Maps.aspx and scroll down the page to websites for a listing of the aerial maps.

Mayfield Village - Watersheds Map

Community-specific watershed maps were created for all Euclid Creek Watershed Council communities in 2014 for display and educational purposes. The Euclid Creek Watershed Council Public Involvement and Public Education Committee came up with the idea for this educational deliverable. And the maps were printed with Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District grant funds through their Watershed Operating Support Grant.

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Native Plants for the Small Yard

Ohio Pond Management Handbook

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Rain Garden Plant List

Filterable list of rain garden plants for northeast Ohio.

Redstone Run Highland Reserve

In May 2013, this 8.71 acre property on Highland Road in Richmond Heights was purchased for conservation as part of a larger effort to protect water quality in the Euclid Creek Watershed. This property contains 1,000 linear feet of Redstone Run, a tributary to the East Branch of Euclid Creek, and is made up of steep shale slopes leading down to the creek. The land was purchased to protect the high-quality plant and animal habitat and to protect the site’s steep slopes from development or deforestation. The property retained in its natural state provides an ideal ’land lab’ for research and educational activities and will enhance the overall beauty of this portion of Euclid Creek.

This rugged, heavily-wooded piece of land is unique in that it lies at a point where the stream cuts through hard bluestone terrace to create a small gorge in the soft shale below. Redstone Run takes its name from an outcrop of Berea Sandstone which, when quarried, has a pinkish color. In the early 1800s the site was used for a water-powered sawmill. The sites steep slopes and mature trees make it an absolute beauty.

Partners from Friends of Euclid Creek, West Creek Conservancy, and Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District worked together to purchase the property with full support of Richmond Heights City Council. Acquisition funds were generously provided by the Clean Ohio Fund and the Friends of Euclid Creek raised remaining funds through their Land Conservation Fund.

Get involved with your local watershed group and take part in keeping your watershed clean and healthy.
To schedule a tour of the property, please call the West Creek Conservancy at 216-749-3720.

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South Euclid 2020 Euclid Creek Project

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